Let us know you have a new dog

If needed, before you apply you can check your address is in part of the Christchurch City Council registration area.

  1. Submit this online registration form. 
  2. We will contact you with a unique ID number and advise the registration fees due.
  3. Payment can be made online, by calling 03 941 8999, by mail or at a Council service desk.
  4. Once payment is received we will send you your registration disc, unless you elect to receive a strip tag instead. 

Important: Your dog is not registered until you have paid your registration fee.

About the owner

Please enter the full legal name and all requested details of the new dog owner.  This is required by section 34(2)A of the Dog Control Act 1996.

Approved dog owners are eligible for discounted fees for prompt renewal of their dogs' registration.

Have a look at the Responsible Dog Owner 
eligibility criteria.

About your new dog

Dog details

Dog 2 details

Dog 3 details

Dog 4 details

Dog 5 details

About your property

If your property now has more than two dogs, it is a legal requirement under clause 11 of the Christchurch City Council Dog Control Policy and Bylaw 2016 that you hold a more than two dog licence.

Statement for the Purpose of Principle 3 of the Privacy Act

  1. The information is being collected to enable the Council to maintain its dog register and records
  2. The intended user of the information is the Council's Regulatory Compliance Unit
  3. You have the right of access to and correction of any personal information held about you by the Council
  4. This information is held on the Council's dog register
  5. Supply of information from the dog register is strictly limited by Section 35 of the Dog Control Act 1996.