Backflow prevention devices

Let us know how you want to install your backflow prevention device. You can also use this form to tell us if you already have a device installed, or to send us questions or comments about backflow prevention. 

You need to complete this form for each property you own that needs a backflow prevention device.


There may be potential restrictions with space or location. This could impact us being able to complete the installation for you. In this instance, we will contact you to discuss further options.

Boundary backflow prevention protects the public drinking-water supply by having a backflow prevention device at your property’s boundary.
This device prevents water from your property’s water pipes back-flowing into the public pipes.

Zone protection is protecting the drinking water within your property’s boundaries, such as within a building. 

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Once you submit your request we’ll email you within five working days with the information and consenting documents you need to self-manage the installation of your backflow prevention device.

Once you submit your request, one of our authorised contractors will get in touch after we’ve investigated and confirmed we’re able to install a backflow prevention device on the public side of your property’s boundary.

If we can install a device, our authorised contractor will contact you to schedule a time to install it.  If we’re not able to install a device, we (the Council) will contact you.

Once you submit your request, we’ll be in touch within 10 working days to confirm that your device’s location on your property, and the level of risk it protects against is sufficient and approved.

Once you submit your request we’ll respond to your question/comment within 10 working days.