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Sustainability Fund application

Required information

Applicant details

Principle contact details

Project details

Please consider the Sustainability Fund’s stated purpose and evaluation criteria when completing the following sections.

e.g. How will the project reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Christchurch or strengthen our resilience to climate change? What is the issue or opportunity being addressed by your project?

E.g. Who will benefit from this project, in what ways and by how much? Is the project supporting public good (not private gain)? What will be the estimated reduction energy, water, waste or greenhouse gas emissions? What level of community engagement is anticipated? How will things improve for Christchurch?

E.g. Does the project have enduring or lasting benefits or how can the project be self-sustaining? What will be the lasting legacy of the project?

E.g. Is the project ready to proceed? Can the project be completed within twelve months or by clearly defined and achievable milestones?

E.g. What are the key metrics or indicators that will measure your impact (quantity or quality)? For example: the amount of energy, water, waste, greenhouse gas emissions reduced; the number or perspectives of people benefiting; media exposure; photographs of improvements made; stories or information captured and shared with others. What will be the measurable, tangible outcomes achieved by the project?

Project milestones and deliverables

Please provide a list of high level milestones and specific project deliverables with realistic dates to successfully undertake your project.

Please note projects should start within 4 months of receiving funds and be completed within 12 months. 

Funding and support

High-level budget summary

Please provide a high-level summary for your project budget.

We will ask you to attach a full budget below.


Important: Council will generally provide a maximum of 60% of your total project cost.

E.g. The Council funds will be used to employ staff who will…, funds will be used to purchase equipment, supplies or services that will be used to… etc.

Supporting documents

You must attach the following supporting documents:

Please ensure your full budget clearly identifies what Council funding will be used for.

We cannot process your application without the above documents.

Optional supporting documents

Optional documents you may wish to provide in support of your application include:

  • Job descriptions, when applying for salary or wages 
  • Staff curriculum vitae to provide evidence of relevant skills and experience 
  • Evidence of legal status 
  • Your most recent annual report 
  • List of volunteers duties if applying for volunteer costs 
  • Quotes for significant goods, services, or contracts 
  • Project plan or business case 
  • Designs or images 
  • Supporting research, evidence or examples
  • Letter of support from partners, stakeholders or end users.

Clearly label each document with your project name. 

Confidential information

This application form and the Council’s funding decision for all successful and unsuccessful applications will be publicly released following the Council’s funding decision, with any sensitive or confidential information redacted. 

If there are aspects of your application that are confidential in accordance with the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act, clearly state this below.


I make the following declarations.

I hereby:

  • declare that the details contained in this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
  • confirm that I am the applicant, or that I have obtained the appropriate authorisation to submit this application and make the relevant acknowledgements, authorisations, declarations and confirmations in full on behalf of the relevant organisation and any other person or organisation noted in this application.
  • have read and understood the Council’s Grant Funding Agreement template
I acknowledge that the Council:
  • has the sole discretion to approve or reject applications.
  • will not enter into any further correspondence for unsuccessful applications.
  • will not be liable for any loss caused by any reliance (whether perceived or real) on any unsuccessful application.
I acknowledge that if my application is successful I will be required to:
  • enter into a funding agreement with the Council that is a contract and is in a form substantially the same as the template Agreement, but that may contain additional terms and conditions if required by the Council.
  • complete or have in operation, the approved project within 4 months of signing the funding agreement.
  • provide a project report within 12 months of signing the funding agreement
  • participate in any audit or review conducted and required by the Council or any other organisation.
  • give positive acknowledgement in respect of the grant from time to time, as outlined in the Grant Funding Agreement

Privacy Act 1993

Council will collect the information provided in this application pursuant to the Privacy Act 1993 (the Act). 

I hereby acknowledge that:

  • Council is collecting this information for the purposes of considering and assessing the eligibility of this application, promotional purposes and conducting its relationship with the applicant (if the application is accepted).
  • the information will be held by Council and any personal information provided by Council to other agencies will be held by those agencies.
I understand that I have rights of access to and correction of the information held by Council in accordance with the Act.

I authorise Council to:

  • collect any information in relation to this application and the relevant person or organisation from any third party or source.
  • disclose any information to any third party Council deems appropriate or is required to by law.
  • collect, retain, use and disclose personal information about individuals and organisations who are noted in this application for the purposes described above; and use any information received in respect of the application for promotional purposes.

Please note:
  • Successful applications will need to submit a project completion report. 
  • Keep all receipts as you may be asked to produce these.
  • Once you submit your application you cannot make changes.