Apply to build near the water, wastewater or stormwater networks

Before you begin please note:

  • That applications will only be granted when there is no option to build in an alternate location or divert our water and wastewater network.

  • You will need to upload a copy of your development plans for at least two proposals.

  • If your application is incomplete the processing timeframe will not start until the missing information has been provided.

  • All costs involved with this process will be charged to the owner/applicant.

Approval under the bylaw does not constitute approval under the Resource Management Act 1991 or the Building Act 2004. Approvals under these acts equally do not provide approval under the bylaw. Separate consents or approvals may be required.

For advice on building near waterways or open drains, please email

Building owner

If an individual, include preferred form of address, e.g. Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, Dr.

Acting on behalf of the owner

Complete this section if you are submitting this application on behalf of the building owner.

State your authorisation to make this application on the owner's behalf.

Building location and description

For structures that do not have a street address, state the nearest street intersection and the distance and direction from that intersection.

Legal description as at the date of application and, if the land is proposed to be subdivided, include details of relevant lot numbers and subdivision consent.

E.g. Leaving more space for re-laying pipes opposite an encroachment.
Development plans

Please supply plans and any explanation required for at least two proposals which include:

  • both the preferred development proposal, and

  • at least one alternative development proposal which achieves, or comes as close as possible to achieving, the purpose of the development and retains at least one metre separation from the Council’s infrastructure.

Please ensure that the site plan, and alternative site plan (unless not required) clearly show: 

  • location of the proposed buildings, structures and other private improvements

  • location of any of our infrastructure within the site

  • the dimensions of the proposed building/improvements

  • the distance between the proposed building/improvements and all legal boundaries

  • the distance between the proposed building/improvements and any existing buildings

  • the distance from our drains, manhole centres (and sides if available) to all legal boundaries with clearance calculations to the proposed structure

  • the depth or elevation of any buried infrastructure (if known)

  • details of known hazards on or near the site

General comments
Please provide any other information and/or attach any other supporting documents