Road stopping application form

Please note 

  • You should notify your immediate neighbours of the proposed work. 

  • Resource and/or Building Consents may be required and you are responsible for making the appropriate applications. This application is not for building and/or resource consent. 

  • Fees and charges will apply. 

  • The Christchurch City Council holds applications on file that contain your personal information. You can apply to the Council to access and/or correct information on your file.



I am requesting that the Council evaluates whether that part of legal road be stopped and purchased.


By submitting this request I acknowledge that:

  1. The purpose of this form is to request Council staff to evaluate the applicant’s request. The Council’s acceptance of this evaluation request does not constitute any agreement or decision on the part of the Council to stop the legal road or to sell the legal road to the applicant. The first fee is to allow the initial application to be considered by the Transport Unit. In many cases the stopping of the legal road will be declined at this initial stage due to future road access provision for all transport modes as described in the Road Stopping Policy Section 4.3.

  2. Any decision to stop the legal road is a matter for the Council’s Corporate Support Manager or the relevant Community Board (“the decision-maker”) under delegated authority and applying the Christchurch City Council Road Stopping Policy 2020; and that no statement or act by Council staff, including undertaking any evaluation of the applicant’s request shall bind the decision-maker to make any particular decision.

  3. If at any stage of the road stopping process the applicant opts to stop or withdraw the application they must pay the Council’s outstanding expenses, including staff costs.

  4. Prior to the matter being placed before the decision-maker for the decision, the applicant shall enter into a formal agreement for sale and purchase of the stopped road on the Council’s standard form amended as required to suit the circumstances (“the Sale Agreement”), which agreement sets out the formal process required to be followed and imposes on the applicant liability to meet the Council’s costs associated with that process.  The market value of the road land is payable in addition to these costs.

  5. The applicant has read a copy of the Christchurch City Council’s Road Stopping Policy 2020 before making this application.