Our Space 2018-2048 - Greater Christchurch Settlement Pattern Update

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The draft update outlines an approach to achieve the consolidated urban form set out in the Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy (UDS) while responding to current and projected market demands, and in so doing meeting the requirements of the National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity.

In this context, we are keen to know whether you consider the update achieves this, and if not, what needs to be changed and why.    

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Hearings are planned for February 2019.



The questions below may help you structure your submission in relation to the various aspects covered in Our Space 2018-2048. Section 5.7 of Our Space briefly outlines some alternative options considered when preparing this document.

You can make submission points under each question and/or other and more general comments under question 9.


Housing growth

Question 1
Our Space highlights there is significant capacity for new housing through redevelopment in Christchurch City but to accommodate housing growth in Selwyn and Waimakariri it identifies additional greenfield land around Rolleston, Rangiora and Kaiapoi.

Question 2
Our Space adopts the current planning framework that encourages a range of new housing types, especially in the central city, close to suburban centres within the City and around existing towns in Selwyn and Waimakariri.

Question 3
Our Space proposes to develop an action plan to increase the supply of social and affordable housing across Greater Christchurch and investigate with housing providers different models to make it easier for people to own their own home.

Business growth

Question 4

Our Space adopts the current planning framework that directs new commercial development (office and retail) to existing centres to retain their viability and vitality, especially the central city, suburban centres and town centres in Selwyn and Waimakariri.

Question 5

The Canterbury Regional Policy Statement and the District Plans for Christchurch City and Selwyn and Waimakariri Districts have already identified sufficient capacity for new industrial businesses.

Growth needs

Question 6

The proposals in Our Space are informed by a Capacity Assessment that considers future demands for housing and business land, based on demographic changes and projections from Statistics New Zealand, and likely changes in our economy (including through business sector trends and impacts from technological change).

Transport and other infrastructure

Question 7

Our Space promotes greater densities around key centres to increase accessibility to employment and services by walking, cycling and public transport. 

This aligns with recent transport proposals that signal more high frequency bus routes and an intention to deliver rapid transit along the northern and south-west transport corridors.

Question 8

Our Space aligns with broader infrastructure planning (including wastewater, water supply, stormwater, energy, telecommunications, community facilities, schools and healthcare) to help create sustainable, cohesive and connected communities.


Question 9

What other points do you wish to make to inform the final Our Space 2018-2048: Greater Christchurch Settlement Pattern Update?

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