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Apply for an event permit

Permits are required for events where infrastructure, cars, amplified sound, food vendors etc. will be present.

Please read running an event and event permit guidelines [PDF, 347 KB] before completing the event permit application form below. 

This application does not guarantee availability or booking of the site and does not give approval for the event. 

You are required to accept the terms and conditions before applying.

To discuss your event either email our events development advisors  or contact them on 03 941 8999. They will guide you through the process to insure your event’s safety and success. The event organiser is able to propose changes to the event permit application and shall do it no later than 10 days prior the event.

We acknowledge the positive contribution events make to the city by supporting a number of initiatives, including grant funding. More information about community funding

We have a  smokefree in public places policy

Please submit your application with enough time for us to process your application and to assist you in delivering a safe and successful event.
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Event typeEvent parametersApplication notice required
Low Impact Simple event with no road closures or multiple park use, minimal infrastructure, for example small community fair or gatherings.5 weeks (minimum)
Medium ImpactAttendance of 4000 to 10,000 people, partial road/footpath closures and public transport disruptions or large infrastructure requirements, food and beverage trading. For example, public fun runs, music events with stages.10 weeks (minimum)
High ImpactAttendance of over 10,000 people, road closures, multiple event sites, large infrastructure builds. For example, large fun runs, music events, parades, festivals etc.6 to 8 months

Event permit application

Contact details

Organisation details

Event information

Event dates
When will you start packing in?

When does your event start?

When does your event finish?

When will you finish packing up?

Event history

Event infrastructure
Please provide an aerial view site plan of your event venue with the location of each item below that you are planning to include.

If the site is fully enclosed, there is a requirement to provide a 'safe route out' for the event site which must meet the building code. A fire engineer's report is required for larger events over 2000 capacity.

Please include fencing on the site plan, along with all exit points.

Marquees over 100msq will require an exemption from Building Consent. If you are hiring your marquee, please talk to your supplier about this.

Please include stage location/s on proposed site plan.
Please note:
Generally, stages that are over 1.5 metres will require an exemption from Building Consent. If you are hiring your stage(s) please talk to your supplier about this.

Please note:
Amusement devices require a registration from Worksafe and the operator is required to apply for a Permit to Operate prior to the event taking place (the permit is issued on the day of the event, prior to opening).

Please include the location(s) on your proposed site plan.

Please ensure that the fireworks exclusion zone are included on your proposed site plan. A test certificate must be provided to Council.
Food and beverages
It is your responsibility to ensure that all food and beverage vendors are compliant with food safety practices.

You are required to provide the names of all vendors to your advisor a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your event.
All vendors must be registered as Movable Food Premises (MFP) with the Council. 

If the community stall is serving food, please visit the MPI website for guidelines on food safety for fundraisers. 

Please visit the MPI website for guidelines on food safety for fundraisers.
A Special Licence is required if alcohol will be sold or if the event is ticketed, and alcohol will be consumed at the event.

Special Licences must be applied for an absolute minimum of 20 working days prior to the event, however it is recommended to contact Alcohol Licencing three months prior to the event.
Power and generators
Power is not available at most parks and open spaces.

If you are using power either through the use of generators or otherwise:


Vehicle access

Traffic management

Please note: If your event will affect the normal operation of the road/footpath, you will require a traffic management plan drawn up by a qualified traffic engineer or similar.

Please note: The timeframe for a full road closure application is between 60-84 days and an independent traffic management provider must be engaged to produce and submit the Traffic Management Plan (TMP) on the event organiser's behalf.

Waste management
You are responsible for the appropriate removal and disposal of all waste from the event location.

Please note: If food vendors are in attendance, please include how waste from the vendors will be managed.
Waste management
As you are expecting  approximately 1000 attendees or more at your event, the Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw 2023 requires you to answer the following questions.


Public liability insurance
Public liability insurance cover might be required for events run on public land to protect the event organiser against claims made by a third party for damage to assets.

All events held in the central city will require at least $2 million public liability insurance cover and to provide the certificate to the Council. The requirement for public liability insurance for an event held outside of the central city is determined by the scale of the event and the infrastructure that will be set up.

Upon application your Events Partnerships & Development Advisor will discuss this requirement with you.
Health and safety
The parties involved in an event all have duties under health and safety legislation. Effective consultation cooperation and communication are essential in ensuring that health and safety responsibilities are identified, assigned, and adhered to.

If as an event organiser, you are in charge of a business or organisation you will have duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 to ensure so far as reasonably practicable, that the workplace, the means of entering and exiting the workplace and anything arising from the work place are without risks to the health and safety of any person.

All health, safety and environmental risks and hazards must be identified, understood and controlled.

You will be required to provide a Health & Safety Plan to the Council as part of your application, this must include systems for assessing risks and controls of risks, emergency planning and procedures, monitoring and reporting.

The information collected in this form will be used to ensure the effective facilitation of your event/activity. It will be distributed to other council departments, external agencies and will be used for public information as required.

Supporting document