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Before starting an application read the Christchurch City Council Priorities and Outcomes along with the Small Sports Event Fund page on our website.

Applications close at midnight, Sunday 28 May 2016 - You must push the submit button and confirm your application is correct before this time.

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Name of Group or Organisation

(If a National Organisation only enter Christchurch related Volunteers Hours)
Contact Details
Main contact person for this event

Legal information

Bank account number

Event details

Include information on your event – what is it, what you will be doing, numbers of people participating, etc. Maximum two paragraphs.

(e.g. Elites, Masters athletes, people with disabilities, young people, people from ethnic minorities)
Please detail under the following headings how this event will assist with the development and legacy of your sport.

Event information

Additional information

If yes, please be aware that If your event is being held in a public space the Council need to be made aware at least six weeks before it takes place. Please complete an event permit application form
Specify the number of participants of each type who will be involved in the event. (please be sure to separate out the "local" and "outside of ChCh" numbers)
Event budget

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