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Small Sports Events Fund application

Name of group or organisation

Contact details

Legal information

Bank account number
Example: 01-0123-0012345-000
Event details

Include information on your event – what is it, what you will be doing, numbers of people participating, etc. Maximum two paragraphs.

(e.g. Elites, Masters athletes, people with disabilities, young people, people from ethnic minorities)
How does this event assist with the development and legacy of your sport for the following groups

Includes newspapers, TV and radio

Includes advertising by newspaper radio, posters etc
Event information

Additional information

If your event is being held in a public space the Council needs to be made aware at least six weeks before it takes place. 
Please complete an event permit application form
Specify the number of participants of each type who will be involved in the event. )

Event budget
Other support

Supporting Documents

Note: No individual file can exceed 5Mb. Files will not upload if you exceed these size limits.
If you have problems uploading documents or your total files exceed 38MB total you can email additional documents to eventsfunding@ccc.govt.nz
I / we confirm that this application has been approved by the appropriate authorising body of the organisation, and that this has been minuted at an appropriate Board/Committee meeting. 

I/we have read and accept the Council's Grant Terms & Conditions.

For the purpose of processing this application and assessing our group's eligibility, we authorise the Council to: 
  • Collect information about this application and our group from, and disclose such information to, third parties; 
  • Collect, retain, use and disclose personal information about individuals who are noted in this application. 
We confirm we have consent to authorise this.